AP (Advanced Placement) Capstone is a diploma program from College Board (a not-for-profit organization that connects students to college success and opportunity) based on two yearlong AP courses: AP Seminar, a prerequisite for AP Research.

The program has been offered at St. Andrew’s College since 2015. It goes above and beyond the curriculum, allowing students to tackle real-world issues and develop key skills that will help them succeed beyond university. In both courses, students investigate a variety of topics in multiple disciplines. Both courses guide students through completing a research project, writing an academic paper, and presenting on their project.

In addition to producing insightful research, students are also tasked with excelling in four additional Advanced Placement (AP) courses to earn the AP Capstone Diploma.

St. Andrew’s students continue to come out on top. On a global scale, 7.9 per cent of participating students score a 5 in Seminar – the highest achievable mark; however, 50 per cent of SAC students have scored a 5, with the vast majority of the rest scoring a 4. The passing mark from College Board is 3. To ensure fair and equal scoring across all schools worldwide, students’ work is submitted to and graded by College Board.
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