St. Anne’s School

Partnerships between single-gender schools are common, but the St. Anne’s School/St. Andrew’s College model is unique: SAS was created on the foundation and history of SAC, so the relationship between the two schools will remain steadfast.

The St. Anne’s campus, located one kilometre away as the crow flies from the St. Andrew’s College main campus, is modelled after SAC, offering the same inspirational learning environment to girls as it has to boys since 1899. At St. Anne’s, students are given the opportunity to build character, own their voice, imagine their future, strive for distinction, and, ultimately, build a better world.

St. Anne’s and St. Andrew’s benefit greatly from the proximity to each other. The schools are close enough to easily come together for educational and co-curricular opportunities, such as theatre productions, the White Ribbon Campaign, and community service initiatives, but far enough apart to focus on their respective single-gender mandates. The success students realize in a single-gender educational environment is strengthened through this model, offering the best of both worlds under one umbrella.

The partnership between the schools ensures:
  • authentic social opportunities
  • exploration and understanding of other genders
  • development of comfort in mixed-gender settings
  • the ability to listen to other voices and gain new perspectives
  • the destabilization of gender stereotypes
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