Since 1899, athletics has been an integral and cherished part of the St. Andrew’s College experience. This tradition continues to thrive in our Middle and Upper Schools, where we firmly believe in engaging all students in athletic pursuits throughout the year. Beyond the obvious physical health benefits, our Athletic program is designed to cultivate essential character traits, including empathy, humility, sportsmanship, leadership, cooperation, discipline, commitment, time management, integrity, respect, pride, and tolerance among our students.
Our Athletic program embraces students of varying skill levels, providing ample opportunities for growth and development in the mentioned character areas. To cater to diverse interests, we offer both competitive and intramural programs. As part of the Greater Toronto Area’s Conference of Independent Schools Athletic Association (CISAA), our competitive teams enjoy spirited challenges against other independent schools, fostering healthy competition and camaraderie.
Throughout the academic year, we divide our Athletic program into three seasons, each offering unique opportunities. Students may participate in cross-country running, soccer, volleyball, and football during the fall season. As winter arrives, our students can engage in alpine skiing, basketball, curling, fencing, hockey, Nordic skiing, squash, and swimming. Finally, the spring season presents opportunities for badminton, baseball, golf, lacrosse, rugby, tennis, track & field, and triathlon.
Since our first year, our Athletic program has been a source of tremendous pride for generations of Andreans. We firmly believe that our newest students will continue to uphold this rich history and experience unparalleled physical and personal development at St. Andrew’s College.
Please visit our Athletics website for game schedules, rosters, and athletic news. 
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