Leadership Programming

St. Andrew's College prioritizes holistic learning, where academic success goes hand in hand with personal development. Students are encouraged to excel academically while also engaging in extracurricular activities. The school provides numerous leadership opportunities across all grades, fostering versatility, confidence, and teamwork skills. Approximately 200 formal leadership positions are available in the Upper School and another 125 in the Middle School, empowering students to become effective leaders at various levels.

Students in Charge

St. Andrew's College provides ample leadership opportunities through councils, committees, and clubs, fostering relationships and mentoring alongside leadership development. Activities, including student-led assemblies, house events, and guest speakers, are facilitated by comprehensive student leadership councils and student-led clubs. These opportunities enhance communication, teamwork, and interpersonal skills, preparing students for life beyond SAC. Some of the school’s top leadership positions include Prefect, Students Head of House, and House Captain.


Our Cadets/Leadership program focuses on developing leadership skills, fitness, and citizenship. It has evolved from its traditional military roots into a comprehensive training program emphasizing teamwork and individual achievement. In 2018, the program was reimagined as "Leadership," offering students a range of options such as leadership training, outdoor education, music, study hall, and community service in the first two terms with a commitment to Cadet Parade season in Term 3. The program has expanded to include credit-based courses in Grades 9 to 12 and offers activities such as mountain biking, archery, and winter expeditions.
We are committed to building a sense of belonging in our community.
By dedicating ourselves to creating a diverse, inclusive, and equitable environment, we will foster and accept the unique individuality of each of our citizens, ensuring all members feel valued and respected.
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