SAC Alpine set sights on OFSAA qualification

SAC sent a depleted squad to Devil's Glen today for our first Slalom race of the year. With five of our top-ranked skiers away today, we knew that today was going to be an uphill battle.

The Level 2 team competed well today but just did not have enough depth to keep up with other teams in the division. Additionally, some mistakes in the morning runs cost us some time which we frankly could not make up in the second run. While we ultimately were tied for third at the end of the day, we lost the tie-breaker (based on cumulative times) and slipped to 4th. Despite this disappointing overall result, a huge shout-out must go to Hunter Appelbe as he posted two exceptional times to finish 3rd overall in an incredibly talented and deep division.

Amazingly, despite our disappointing day, a win next week will still qualify us as the CISAA L2 representative for OFSAA. We certainly are looking forward to welcoming all of our top skiers back next week and being far more competitive.

Top L2 Finishers:
Hunter Appelbe - 3rd
Jake Allen - 15th

The Level 1 team also struggled with the slalom course today as well. While SL is not our forte, the guys battled hard, but they just could not keep up with the more experienced teams from SMCS, among others. Also, with one of our top racers falling in his second run, we slipped into 3rd and simply could not recover. There certainly is a lot of work to do in our next training session to get back on track and make a run at SMCS in our next SL race at Craigleith.

Top L1 Finishers:
Kieran Walters - 4th
Cole Lapshinoff - 13th

The U14 team also struggled with slalom today finishing 4th. They, like many of our level 1 team, are very inexperienced with the discipline, and the challenging course set by Devil's Glen exposed this fact. In fact, 17 of the 45 racers (6 of whom were from SAC) struggled to stay on the short radius course and were disqualified for missing a gate or did not finish. Our U14 squad will also have much to work on in our next training session to recover and compete with the top teams in their division in our remaining races.

Top U14 Finishers:
Francisco Pasquel - 11th
Jaxon Iatan - 14th
Next week: more SL at Craigleith

Story by: Jamie Inglis, Coach
St. Andrew's College
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