Portrait of former Board Chair added to gallery

St. Andrew’s College has a reputation for strong leadership and loyal traditions. On Wednesday evening, a moving tribute was made that paid homage to both.

A ceremony in Towers Library honoured Michael G. Sifton ’79, 11th Chairman of the St. Andrew’s College Board of Governors. He served as Board Chair for six years, from 2010-2016, Foundation Trustee from 1989-1994, and Board member from 1998 to 2016.

An oil painting of Mr. Sifton was unveiled before assembled members of the Board and School leadership. The portrait will now take a place of honour with those of his 10 predecessors on the walls of the lower library.

The piece was commissioned to Tino Paolini, SAC’s former Head of Art, who began working on the painting this summer and finished earlier this fall.  It captures Mr. Sifton’s likeness and his surroundings in exquisite detail.

“Michael was very involved in everything, including the School’s largest campaign in history,” said Headmaster Kevin McHenry, referring to the $33 million raised in the Not An Ordinary Place Campaign.

The Sifton family has a long and storied association with the School, starting with Mr. Sifton’s late father, Michael C., who served on the Board of Governors from 1975-84. When Mr. Sifton Sr. retired, Fourth House was renamed Sifton House to recognize his leadership and generous support of the College. Over the years, there have been many contributions from the Siftons in the form of time, treasure, and talent.

“Most importantly, Michael help us focus on our mission to develop the complete man, the well-rounded citizen,” said Headmaster McHenry. “I learned a great deal from him.”

Story by Cindy Veitch
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