Come to the Cabaret, old chum!

One of the greatest musicals of all time takes to SAC’s Wirth Theatre November 15-18.  Buy your tickets before they are gone!

This year’s annual fall play, Cabaret, not only boasts some of the best songs heard on Broadway, it also has a compelling and highly political storyline with a message from history that can't be ignored.
Set in the decadent Berlin of the early 1930s during the uninhibited era of the Weimar Republic, it sets the rise of the Nazis against the apathy of the masses, and describes a wind of change that would have terrifying consequences for all.
“Good theatre not only delights—it also instructs,” says director William Scoular. “That’s why Cabaret is such a wonderful play to do at a school.
“This play is really about the central mystery of the 20th century—how Hitler could have happened. And it’s important that we go on asking that question, whether or not we can find an answer.
“Everything about this play is raw and immediate. The audience should leave in a daze and come to the realisation that not only have they been transported to Nazi Germany, they haven’t strayed very far from home. We’re playing the show almost literally in the audience’s lap, so they become more than just a spectator at a passing parade.”
Hayden Reinemo, grade 11, appears in the coveted role of the Emcee. Cliff and Herr Schultz are played by Blake Phillips, grade 10, and Alastair Binnendyk, grade 11. The role of Sally Bowles is played by Nichole Daley, who played Nancy in the 2016 SAC Drama production of Oliver!
Anyone already familiar with the School’s Dramatic Society productions knows these are no ordinary school plays. The sets, costumes, props, and lighting rival anything you are likely to see on the professional stage, and if recent rehearsals are anything to go by, this production of Cabaret is a must-see!
Tickets are $18.30 and can be purchased online. Content may not be suitable for children under the age of 14.

Read a message from Director, William Scoular and a background to the play's setting in Nazi-era Germany.
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