Best results ever in national chemistry exam

Congratulations to William Xie, grade 11, who finished an impressive 14th overall placing him in the 99th percentile of the University of Waterloo’s Avogadro Exam.

“This is the best result ever for by a SAC AP chemistry student,” says proud teacher, Marke Jones.

Waterloo’s department of chemistry has sponsored the Avogadro Exam for the past 29 years, and SAC SCH3UP (APC1) chemistry students are tested. In the 75-minutes allotted, students must answer 40 multiple-choice questions in areas such as the structure of matter, bonding, reactions, solutions, gases, and even current affairs.

This year 4,253 students chose to write the national exam, including William and eight other SAC SCH3UP chemistry students. The SAC contingent scored 14% above the national average. Rounding out our three top-placers were Riley Jackson, 96th percentile (162nd place) and Steven Du, 95th percentile (178th place).

Another Waterloo University exam, the CHEM 13 News Exam, had 2,136 national participants this year. The average score of the four SAC SCH4UP (APC2) students who opted to write it scored 13% above the national average. Congratulations to Hale Lee who placed in the 83rd percentile, J.P. Schnabel 78th percentile, Leo Wang, 75 th percentile, and Michael Kurp, 71st percentile.

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