Introducing your 2017-2018 Prefects

The names of the Prefects chosen for the 2017-18 school year were announced at a school-wide assembly this morning.

Prefectship is regarded as the most challenging form of leadership in the School and is a highly sought after role. Votes were cast yesterday by Upper School students, faculty, and staff for the 42 candidates in contention.

Today’s ceremony was the culmination of a rigorous selection process, including the submission of letters of application, resumes, and two rounds of interviews conducted by faculty and current Prefects.

“This year’s Prefects have been an exceptional group who set an overwhelmingly positive tone for the year,” said Headmaster McHenry. “Through their collective leadership, spirit, and support, they have been absolutely first rate, and I’d like to thank them all for their efforts.”

Prior to reading brief synopses of the successful candidates’ resumes, Headmaster McHenry recognized all the boys who went through the application process and put their names forward. He also acknowledged the disappointment those not chosen would certainly feel and urged them to be resilient and apply their leadership skills to the many opportunities available at SAC.

As each new Prefect was announced, the beaming candidate high-fived his way through the cheering audience. This was repeated 12 times until the newly elected Prefects stood shoulder to shoulder on the stage of Ketchum Auditorium.

“I know you’ll continue the good work this year’s Prefects have done,” said Headmaster McHenry, offering his congratulations on behalf of the entire school community.

SAC’s 2017-2018 Prefects - Click on their names to learn more about their qualifications

Will McHenry (Head)
Wells Karabin (Deputy Head)
Parker Boland
Austin Brett
Steven Du
Kris Jansen
Thomas Kook
Michael Kurp
Hale Lee
Quest Rodin
JP Schnabel
Luke St. John

The Middle School Council for 2017-2018 will be announced Friday.
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