Authentic Spanish experience - without leaving Aurora

On Tuesday, Dec. 13, the grade 12 Spanish class went to Dos Mariachis, a Mexican restaurant about 10 minutes from the School.
We like doing fun things as a class and the requirements for this trip were simple: speak in Spanish.
Going on a trip further away is expensive and difficult, so we found an easy way to still practice our Spanish and gain some cultural experience. We had burritos, churros, flautas, tacos, and freshly-made salsa and guacamole coupled with homemade tortilla chips.
Part of the benefit of studying another language is the cultural things we get to experience—and this was a great example. In class we explore Spanish music and movies, and last year we had the opportunity to cook Spanish dishes in class. Now we get to continue the fun by going out to eat and improving our language skills even more.
It was a fun opportunity and something we plan to do again in the future.
Story by Douglas Chen-Young, Grade 12 Spanish student
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