Helping the Homeless

On April 18, four Saints, with the guidance of Ms. Wendy Pries, travelled to downtown Toronto to see their greater community from a new perspective.

Fan Yong Wang ’16, Sigeng Liu ’16 and I (James Scott '16) approached The Scott Mission, we promptly took notice of something you’re not likely to come across in Aurora: a small gathering of homeless people along the sidewalk. For those who are unfamiliar with The Scott Mission, it is a Christian, non-denominational, faith-based street mission in downtown Toronto, serving the poor and needy of the city.

On behalf of my peers, I can say for certain that we all looked forward to spending our morning preparing warm, nourishing meals for well over 200 impoverished, homeless, and hungry Torontonians.

We received a warm and gracious welcoming from the other volunteers and staff as we stepped into the dining room. It was especially delightful to see that Andrew Ladouceur ’15 had come to help, as well. We hung up our jackets, tied our aprons, and got straight to work.

Fan Yong, Sigeng, and Andrew gladly accepted the role of peeling potatoes, while I took my station at the dishwasher. If anyone can peel potatoes, it’s these three gentlemen. I would be shocked if any student at SAC has peeled more potatoes in their entire life than these boys did that morning. By the time they put their peelers down, they had filled about one-third of the garbage bin with thin strips of red and white potato skin.

When a flood of famished men, women, and families poured in for brunch, the three boys were appointed new posts. As Andrew plated biscuits in the kitchen, Fan Yong and Sigeng helped out in the dining room, where they tended to the tables. It was both enlightening and humbling to see that there is such a prevalent need in our greater community. Our experience at The Scott Mission developed our social awareness. More importantly, however, it emphasized the impact that we, as individuals, have on our community.

By the end of our stint at The Scott Mission we were all exhausted, but we felt fortunate that we had the opportunity to serve the needs of our community. As we drove home, the car was silent as we drifted to sleep. We awoke at the School gates refreshed and informed. We look forward to our next chance to return to The Scott Mission to help ensure the health, compassion, and vitality of our community.

Story by James Scott ’16
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