Game 3 – Varsity Cricket Highlights

Varsity Cricket’s CISAA league record stands at 2 wins and 1 loss after Wednesday’s match against Trinity College School.


SAC 156 runs (for 5 outs) - TCS 73 runs (for 6 outs)
Both teams used their full 30 overs in 4 hours of game play.

Batting Highlights

Patrick Taylor (73 runs - caught out)
Dhruv Krishnan (28 runs - caught out)
Jack Bahen (18 runs - bowled out)

Bowling Highlights

Brandon Gomes (2 wickets for 13 runs given)
Basel Arsalan (1 wicket for 7 runs)
Dhruv Krishnan (5 maiden "no run" overs)

Fielding Highlights

Trew Morris - stellar boundary catch off TCS opener
Dylan van Eeden - caught own ball bowled; hit stumps for run-out with 50-yard throw

Next Up

Final league game Wednesday, May 20 at Upper Canada College.

Story by Coach David Kyle
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