German project integrates art and literature

Boys in a German class were tasked to create and paint a clay bust of a protagonist known as “A”. 
After reading and seeking inspiration from the novel Letztendlich sind wir dem Universum Egal (English version: Every Day) written by David Levithan and after analyzing human characteristics, including facial features, hair, clothing, and accessories of the main character, students were guided by clay expert, Teresa Dunlop, to create a bust. 
This was a true challenge of imagination because the protagonist in the book was a soul that took on a new physical form every day, struggling with his/her/its objectives both as a soul and as the teenager whose body was taken over as host for one day. 
Boys were asked to create their interpretation of A’s unique and permanent physical form. In addition to identifying physical traits, students considered how these traits are affected by A’s state of mind and personal values. They considered the differences between personal and public identities as well as A’s opinions on topics such as religion, gender identity, love, and happiness. 
Each student completed a reflection piece on the process and product. Grade 11 student Alex Schaefer commented: “I really enjoyed this project. It gave us an opportunity to demonstrate our creativity and to show our visualization of the protagonist.” The project was successfully completed over several weeks. 
Many thanks to Arts Coordinator Randi Berman and Nicholas Day, Department Head, Modern Languages, for supporting this project, and to Teresa Dunlop on her excellent instruction.
Participating students were Philip Faupel (grade 12), Alex Schaefer (grade 11), Oskar von Massenbach (grade 10), and Kilian Krehbiel (grade 10).
Story by Nicole Nascimento, Teacher, Modern Languages Department
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