St. Andrew's Captains

St. Andrew's College Captains 1900-Present

Beginning in 1988, the Captain of the St. Andrew's College Saints is honoured to be presented with The Yuill Award given by a great supporter of St. Andrew's, Mr. W.H. (Bill) Yuill of Medicine Hat Alberta. Mr. Yuill was Captain of the Saints in 1956, following in the footsteps of his father, J.H. (Hop) Yuill, who was Captain of the Saints in 1917. The Yuills are the only father and son combination to serve as Captain of the hockey team in its over 110 year history.
The presentation is made annually at the Friday Luncheon for the teams participating in the annual MacPherson Hockey Tournament - which was established in 1984. In 2008, Mr. Yuill presented a special Yuill Award to Jim Herder '64 in recognition of his outstanding contribution to the MacPherson Tournament over its first twenty-five years.

* - denotes the recipient of the annual Yuill Award
1901Reginald MacIntyre  
1902Leslie Fergusson  
1903Frank Russell  
1904Julian Sale1960Dan Routledge
1905Julian Sale1961Dan Routledge
1906Lyle Crossen1962Terry Joyce
1907Frank Macdonald1963Bob Rowan
1908Doug Smith1964Peter Wyse
1909Winn Thompson1965Douglas McKeen
1910George McPherson1966Jim McClocklin
1911Freeman Munro1967Robert Sommerville
1912Gordon McCarter1968Ken Woods
1913Donald Cantley1969Geoff Love
1914Russell Hatch1970Andrew Rutherford
1915Donald Cantley1971Tom Amell
1916Harry Watson1972Leslie Dobson
1917Harlan Yuill1973Peter Calverley
1918Rowan Gordon1974Gordon MacFarlane
1919Rowan Gordon1975Gordon MacFarlane
1920Ralph Syer1976Gary Lawrence
1921Bruce Findlay1977Mark Bedard
1922John Carrick1978Jeff Baun
1923Fred Lyon1979Greg Baun
1924Ross Paul1980David Plaxton
1925Fred Miller1981Andy Dickson
1926Ross Miller1982Alan Crawford
1927Don Mercer1983Geoff Crawford
1928Doug Lough1984Tom Hussey
1929Eric Ellsworth1985David Campbell
1930Ted Broome1986Brent Kelly
1931Tom Gordon1987Michael Brewer
1932Lem Young1988Michael Brewer*
1933Grant Donnelly1989Steven Cathcart*
1934Bill Plaunt1990Michael Smith*
1935Bill Cox1991Matthew Chisholm*
1936Bill Cox1992Matthew Chisholm*
1937David Dickie1993Brian McKague*
1938John Macdonald1994Jason Reid*
1939Jack McClelland1995Charlie Perowne*
1940Jack McClelland1996Matthew Thorne*
1941Ed Hueston1997Fred Perowne*
1942Charles MacMillan1998John Lowes*
1943Robert Brown1999James MacPherson & Colin Parent*
1944John Wynne2000Alain Chicoine*
1945John Wynne2001Paul Perrier*
1946Tom Chipman2002James Gideon*
1947Tom Chipman2003Matt Mitchell*
1948Joe Nold2004Jordan Cyr*
1949Chris Wansbrough2005Jared Leslie*
1950Chris Wansbrough2006Rudy Allen*
1951Terry Malone2007Jonathan Thomson*
1952Robert Carr2008Andrew Wallace*
1953Baden Cosby2009Morgan Bonner*
1954Gordon Robertson2010Kevin Zacharuk & Mark Belvedere*
1955Gordon Robertson2011Casey Cook*
1957Andrew Holliday2012Greg Jansz*
1958Peter Dobbin2013Rory McGuire & Adam Moodie*
1959Jimmy Murray2014Matthew Graham*
  2015Adam Sinclair*
  2016Reid Yochim*
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