SAC takes up #NoGoodWay challenge

This morning in Chapel, the use of the R-word was discussed and Chapel Coordinator Dave Stewart talked about how some language can be very hurtful.

The #NoGoodWay Campaign for Special Olympics aims to end the use of the R-word (retard) in everyday conversation, and was launched by three Andreans through their charity, motionball.

The Etherington brothers (Mark ’92, Sean ’94, and Paul ’95) are asking people to share #NoGoodWay with the world as well as take the pledge to not use the word in everyday conversation.

“Retard is just a word. And most of the time, you’re not using it to hurt anyone. We get it. But for thousands of Canadians with an intellectual disability, hearing you say ‘retard’ hurts. It brings back memories of being bullied. It makes them feel like they aren’t welcome. So today we’re asking you to make the choice to stop using the word. Not because you have to. Because you can,” states the motionball website.
Mr. Stewart is giving St. Andrew’s boys the opportunity to take the pledge at School, asking students to stop by his office to sign a booklet and take the pledge to not use the R-word. They will join more than 13,000 people who have already taken the online pledge at
Mr. Stewart also challenged the boys to do something else. World Down Syndrome Day was March 21 and in an effort to celebrate difference and diversity, people were asked to wear mismatched socks. We’re doing the same at SAC this week, so, if you see boys wearing some fun sock combinations, ask them about it.
“I have also pledged to wear mismatched socks for the week. Please feel free to join me,” Mr. Stewart says. 



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