German trivia challenge launched

Guten Tag, and welcome to the first day of the German trivia game!

Six teams of Middle School boys entered the German trivia challenge, answering questions about three topics: interests and trends, geography, and facts.

The objective is to learn about Germany, its culture and its language through play, says Nicole Nascimento, who teaches German.

Students create teams with German names and compete by answering questions about topics such as facts, food, geography, music, migration, and integration. In total, the trivia challenge will be held five times in Wirth Theatre.

This is a lunchtime activity lasting 20 minutes and new teams are encouraged to join in the upcoming challenges, set for Feb. 26, March 1, 5, and 6. Topics at the Feb. 26 games will be history, food, and stereotypes.

Prizes are awarded to the Top 3 teams at each meeting and the overall winners at the end of the five meetings will also get prizes.

The winning team from the first meeting called themselves “Gunther” and easily answered questions posed on the big screen in Wirth Theatre. Despite a murmur the treat was going to be sauerkraut, the trivia winners were treated to a delicious chocolate-covered German dessert!

Story by Julie Caspersen
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