Curling Saints head into playoffs in good position

On Thursday afternoon, your Curling Saints welcomed two teams from The York School to our home ice at the Bradford Curling Club.

In the Boys Division game, skip Hale Lee established an early lead but had to fight to bring the game into the win column. The game saw many ends with plenty of traffic in front of the house, forcing players to make difficult draws around and through ports. 

TYS worked their way back from a four-point deficit to tie it up in the fifth end.  Alternate call-up Nova Schmidt had a tentative beginning, but stayed positive and was rewarded for his determination with draw weight after the third end break.

Tim Guo was the most consistent player of the game, making both draws and take-outs and delivering on Skip Lee's calls. He also provided good counsel on ice conditions.

Great game, Saints!


In the Open Division match-up, Skip Kevin Kuan went down by two in the first but roared back with a five-point end in the second to open up a lead.

Alternate call up, Mike Chen, was a good lead for the team, splitting the house and finding good draw weight. William LeBoeuf played his typically quiet, consistent game, even delivering a challenging freeze when called upon. Charles Huang was a solid vice, providing feedback to Skip Kuan and discussing game strategy. Kevin not only led his team in strategy but also with his precision play. Kevin made several difficult takeout chips in the house to reduce TYS's scoring opportunities and to command the button. 

Well done, lads!

SAC 11

On Tuesday, Feb. 20, both teams head to Toronto for playoff games. They are both in a good position to finish well.
Story by Melissa Ramon
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