Scoring on display from U14 Hockey Saints

The U14 Hockey Saints put on a bit of a clinic today at the La Brier Family Arena. After the long layoff during the Holiday season, the boys were fired up and ready to go. As Coach Stewart entered the rink, all he could hear was Anthony Simpson yelling, "Harrison, boy am I fired up!" Harrison simply nodded in agreement.
Vincent Virgilio, who also plays on the Don Mills Flyers squad, was especially excited to don the red and white, yelling at one point, "It's our rink boys, and this is our day!" Quite right, Vin!
The game started exactly how Coach Galajda scripted it: "Go down to their end and score." And, that's exactly what Anthony Simpson did. The time of the goal was not officially registered since the game clock had not been started, but if I had to guess I would say that the goal was scored about five seconds into the game! Coach Galajda ensured the game clock ran properly after that!
The goals were fast and furious today. After the initial marker, Daniel Iwai, Thomas Sirman, and then Fionn Keon all followed with goals shortly after. Sirman finished off the scoring in the first with his second of the game.
Despite lapses in focus, particularly in the defensive end, we dominated the play. Rowan Kimens was a rock in net and made several tremendous saves. When we moved the puck, we were unstoppable.
The entire team played with some heart today and finally got into the win column. This is a dangerous squad and we had moments of greatness. Harrison Ballard led the way with 2G, 1A. Anthony Simpson had 1G and 1A while Troy Tsai scored his first of the year! Fionn Keon was excellent today, as well, and was often the best player on the ice. Great game, boys!
Scoring Summary
Simpson (Ballard)
Iwai (Arnott, Bulmer)
Sirman (Fullerton)
Keon (Arnott)
Ballard (Simpson)
Vigilio (Keon)
Final Score
SAC                9
UCCp              3

Story by: Dave Stewart, Coach
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