SAC Boys Curling Bests Crestwood Prep

The Boys Curling Saints braved the snowy travel conditions as they headed to the Leaside Curling Club to take on Crestwood Preparatory College on Monday.
Each end was a back-and-forth battle with the centre of the house frequently changing hands many times. Many stones were snuck through tight spaces by both teams to keep the game close, and five of the six ends were won by only one point. However, good curling by skip Hale Lee and team members Jacob Crocker, Tim Guo and Harry Zhao enabled SAC to inch ahead point by point.
In a game won a stone at a time, the Boys Curling Saints bested Crestwood Preparatory College 6-1.
Special thanks to our bus driver for returning everyone to campus safely after three hours of driving from Toronto to Aurora in snowy conditions.
Story: David Joiner, Coach
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