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Fall Athletic Assembly a showcase of teamwork

The Fall Athletic Assembly highlighted the wealth of sport successes experienced at SAC so far this school year.
But success at SAC is defined as much more than scores and stats.
“We are not measured in wins and losses,” Paul Bedard, Athletic Director, told the Middle and Upper School boys gathered in Ketchum Auditorium Tuesday morning. “Winning is an outcome, not a goal.”
He reminded the boys of the characteristics of a true athlete: Be empathetic. Be humble, and work together because none of us is as strong as all of us.”
Fall sports coaches took turns introducing their respective teams, celebrating the wins and reflecting on the losses, but more importantly, speaking about how the boys in all sports grew into teams in order to put forth their best effort.
The Most Improved Players and Most Valuable Players were awarded in Volleyball, Soccer, Football, and Cross-Country. For photos, please click here.
Soccer U12 – MVP Brennan Mangat, MIP Jay Lee
Soccer U13 – MVP Quintin Roy, MIP Maxam D’Angelo
Soccer U14B – MVP Thomas Sirman, MIP Michael Suma
Soccer U14A – MVP Ronan Woodroffe, MIP Hunter Hayhoe
Soccer U16B – MVP Cole Lapshinoff, MIP Michael Bessonov
Soccer U16A – MVP John-Anthony Zarboni, MIP Mateo Ruiz Lopez
Soccer JV – MVP Benjamin Mai, MIP Zi Yu Han
Soccer 1st – MVP Jacob Grant, MIP Anthony Pennino
Volleyball U12 – MVP Christian Iwai, MIP James Coppola
Volleyball U14 – MVP Daniel Iwai, MIP Fionn Keon
Volleyball U16 – MVP Owen Hollett, MIP Jack Bar
Volleyball 1st – MVP Matthew Hollett, MIP Max Lombard
Cross-Country U12 – MVP Edan Macpherson, MIP Jared Reinemo
Cross-Country U14 – MVP Nathaniel Bannister, MIP Gustavo Gonzalez Hajj
Cross-Country Mid. – MVP Aiden Kirchmair, MIP Matheen Khan
Cross-Country Jr. – Aidan Walters, MIP Jacky Kwok
Cross-Country Sr. – Michael Kurp, MIP Joseph Grassa
Cross-Country winners (and where they placed in the race)
U11 – Edan Macpherson, 21
U12 – Maxam D’Angelo, 4
U13 – Quintin Roy, 6
U14 – Nathaniel Bannister, 1 (winner of MS Cross-Country)
U15 – Alex Ventin, 24
U16 – Jack Bar, 1 (winner of US Cross-Country)
U17 – Andrew Boland, 5
U18 – William McHenry, 6
U19 – Dylan Tabone, 4
Football U16 – MVP Nate Falconi, MIP Blake Phillips
Football 1st – MVP Adre Simmonds, MIP Sam Ashton

Addison Award Winners (presented to graduating members of 1st Football who have made an outstanding contribution to the game over their careers at SAC):
Angus Austgarden
Liam Gracey
Wells Karabin
Lucas La Brier
Ian Maclean
Adre Simmonds
Yiannis Spetsakis
Gabe Wallace
William Wang
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