U14 Volleyball Saints secure first win of season - Raptors style

Coach Lu demanded that we get our first "W" before the NBA season kicks off and the U14 boys pulled out all the stops against an overmatched Bayview Glen (BVG) team.
Although BVG travelled for Miles for today's epic "Battle of the Basement", they only showed up with six players. Clearly, our guys were confident as we were looking to Caboclose the game out quickly and get home in time for dinner. We started out well enough, with a few Valanciunasty hits helping us win the first set: 25 - 19.
Unfortunately, we weren't playing the Wright way and our over-confidence hurt us in the next game. Even though Bruce Sun and Jack Cordingley made some beautiful passes to set up our hitters, we didn't Lowread the court well and missed a number of opportunities to find the massive holes the BVG frontline was leaving on defence.
We thought a win would Siakam easily - but we didn't expect the trickery that came midway through the second game. As a team, we lost focus when an opposing player would randomly shout out "DeRozan!" mid-play at the net…seriously. I don't have a pun for that one... he actually yelled out "DeRozan!" while fanning on five hits in a row. BVG took the second set 25-22 in a game that left Coach Lu breaking a total of seven clipboards over her knee.
Even though we weren't playing particularly Powell, we still managed to Nogueirally, play technically-sound volleyball and storm Ibaka to take the third set 25-23.
In the fourth set, we were down early. Uh-oh. Clearly overwhelmed by the gravity of the situation, I panicked and lost all feeling in my left leg. For a brief moment I even passed out sitting on my chair. Coach Lu, waiting patiently for her time to shine, jumped into action. She coached her heart out and, when the timing felt right, attempted to revive me by pouring several buckets of cold water on my head.
When I awoke from my slumber, Coach Lu said with clipboard-breaking intensity, "You've been out for 6 straight points! We just got serve back! Just in Casey, we should put Spencer Thomson in". So wise. Coach Lu, with an ice pack on her knee, yelled down the bench for Spence, who promptly rewarded her faith in him with five straight bullets right when we McKinnieded them. We took the fourth set in a nail-biter: 27-25.
The boys pushed me aside, lifted Coach Lu on their shoulders, and chanted, "MVP! MVP!" It was glorious.
Final Score: SAC 3 - BVG 1
1st: SAC 25 -  BVG 19
2nd: SAC 22 - BVG 25
3rd: SAC 25 - BVG 23
4th: SAC 27 - BVG 25
Story by: Colby Dockerty, Coach
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