1st Tennis results

The 1st Tennis team was able to pull out a win during their first-ever meet on the Bagher Nejad Tennis Courts against Appleby College.
The team started well by winning both doubles matches. Filip Grantcharov played well from both the baseline and net, while Allan Svirsky applied pressure with deep powerful forehands from the baseline. Nik Seidel was attacking the net regularly while PZ hit strong cross-courts shots, keeping the other opponents on the defense.
The last match of the day came down to the #3 singles match. The teams were tied 2-2, and this match would determine the overall winner of the meet. Matteo Derbedrosian played his unique defensive style game and defended off many shots that looked like they would be winner's from his opponent. Sticking it out at the baseline at all costs, and playing like a human wall, Matteo wore down his opponent and ended up winning the match 8-4.
AC 2
Story by Matt Jaekel, Coach
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