Fencing brings home silver

After a day-long fencing tournament on campus yesterday, St. Andrew’s College came away with a silver medal.

There were 14 boys competing for SAC Sunday against six other teams. The competition saw the boys participate in a relay format having every team fence each other.

At the end of the day, Royal St. George’s captured the gold, followed by SAC, and Bill Crother’s High School from Unionville, Ont.

4. SAC - C (James Ross, Shawn Chung, Jacky)
5. SAC - B (Brandon Meijer, Billy Sun, Ricardo De Reuda)
6. SAC - D (Hayden, Liam Ennis, Nathan Chadsey, Patrick LeClair)

Congratulations to all participates!

Story by Stanley Yee, SAC Fencing Coach, Dragon Fencing Academy
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