A harmonious journey of service: 25 years of musical dedication

In a heartwarming ceremony at the Lamplighter Hotel in London, Ont., the London Professional Firefighters Association (LPFFA) celebrated the extraordinary dedication and community service of Garry Page, a member of the St. Andrew’s College (SAC) teaching staff.
For 25 years, Garry has stood by the side of the London Professional Firefighters Association, using his musical talent to add a touch of reverence to ceremonial occasions. Playing the trumpet, he has been an unwavering presence at countless events, from fundraisers and retirement celebrations to the sombre funerals of fallen firefighters.
The Oct. 12 awards ceremony was an evening to remember. Following a touching remembrance portion, where the sacrifices of firefighters and retirees were honoured, Garry and others were acknowledged for their years of service and dedication. The medals presented were a tangible symbol of their unyielding commitment to the community.
Garry’s devotion to community service extends beyond his musical talents. His recognition at the LPFFA event reflects the commitment of SAC staff to community service beyond our gates, illustrating how they continue to make a positive impact wherever they go and set an excellent example for their students.
Garry is a music teacher in the Upper School and director of the St. Andrew’s and St. Anne’s Academy of Music, which helps students extend their musical abilities outside the classroom.
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