St. Anne’s School Opens Manor Doors

In a momentous celebration on Sept. 5, St. Anne’s School marked the grand opening of its new campus on St. John’s Sideroad, just a kilometre from the St. Andrew’s College campus.
After an inaugural year in the Cygnets Centre, 38 First Cygnets have been joined by 136 new girls for their first year on the newly renovated St. Anne’s campus. The event not only etched a new chapter in St. Andrew’s and St. Anne’s history books but also promised an innovative shift in Canadian independent education.
On Sept. 10, 1899, the founders of St. Andrew’s could only dream of the institution’s future. More than a hundred years later, the incredible occasion of unveiling a school for girls in York Region has unfolded.
The ceremony featured a lineup of speakers, including Mark Etherington ’92, Chair of the Board of Governors; Tom Mrakas, Mayor of Aurora; Kevin McHenry, Head of St. Andrew’s; and Sabrina D’Angelo, Head of St. Anne’s, sharing their congratulations and visions to our generous donors, dignitaries, and employees.
Amidst a heat wave, Mark commenced the presentations, emphasizing the rarity of such a magnificent setting for a new school and the positive transformative effect it will have on SAC. The subsequent speakers underlined the significance of St. Anne’s within the community, independent education, and the lives of the young girls who would soon embark on their educational journey within St. Anne’s castle-like halls.
Mayor Mrakas expressed his town’s unwavering support for progressive education for young women, acknowledging the profound role St. Anne’s would play in shaping the future.
St. Anne’s School had been a vision a decade in the making, rooted in the belief in the potential of young women and the capacity of education to empower them. Sabrina spoke passionately about the institution’s mission to raise socially conscious and compassionate leaders, emphasizing that the impact of St. Anne’s would reach far beyond its physical boundaries.
The journey to this historic moment was not without its challenges, but St. Andrew’s commitment to providing a similar experience for girls as the boys had enjoyed since 1899 remained steadfast.
Sabrina reminded the audience that St. Anne’s would mould future leaders, thinkers, innovators, and advocates who would leave a profound mark on the world. With these inspiring words, Sabrina officially launched the exciting adventure of learning and growth at St. Anne’s, igniting a bright future for generations of young women.
In the following days, the corridors echoed with the laughter of 174 girls and their families. The new school year began with Fall Flight trips to Muskoka Woods and Campfire Circle, where new friendships and school spirit were forged before the students delved into their academic and co-curricular pursuits.
As Sabrina declared, “It’s going to be another fabulous year.”
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