Introducing St. Andrew’s Prefects for 2023-2024

It was a standing-room-only crowd in Ketchum Auditorium during a full-school assembly today as the new slate of Prefects was announced.
Head of School, Kevin McHenry, led the assembly by first thanking the current Prefects for their leadership and commending the entire graduating class for their spirit and support. “Before I announce the incoming Prefects, I would like to take a moment and thank everyone in our fabulous graduating class, led by an exceptional Prefect group, for setting an overwhelmingly positive tone for the year at St. Andrew’s.”
Mr. McHenry read aloud the names of the 2022-2023 Prefects: Marcus Marek Tortorella, Anthony Lio, Daniel Zhou, Cameron Veisman, Anselmo Rego, Teagh Tremain, Declan Ste. Marie, Jack Cordingly, Ashton Watson, Sydney Wambua, Tony He (Deputy Head Prefect), and Tinaye Ngorima (Head Prefect).
He then congratulated the 49 students who put their names forward to be considered as Prefect, one of the most challenging forms of leadership at the school. After Upper School students, staff, and faculty cast their ballots, 14 students were chosen.
“It is never an easy thing to put yourself out there amongst your peers,” he said. “Congratulations for taking a risk to show how much you believe in both yourself and your school.”
With the current Prefects on stage, one by one, Mr. McHenry called forward the newly elected Prefects. They were each handed their Prefect Tie and badge by one of the outgoing Prefects, and the new panel stood shoulder to shoulder on stage as the rest of the school applauded. Mr. McHenry also read portions of each Prefect’s applications letter that detailed their amazing achievements.
SAC’s 2023-2024 Prefects in no particular order:
Malcolm Austgarden, Head Prefect: McEwen Leadership; Extended French program; three-term athlete as a member of football, curling, and rugby; Macdonald House Captain and a member of the Writing & Publications Council; Cadet Lieutenant of Flavelle Company; 125 community service hours.
Brandon Chen, Deputy Head Prefect: Middle School House Captain; Head of the Community Service Council; member of PRISM, the Wind Ensemble, and Model UN; a three-term athlete playing JV Basketball and Varsity Rugby; recipient of the Peter L. Stuart Award; 413 community service hours.
Giuseppe Zeppieri: Middle School House Captain and member of the Andrean Life Council; McEwen Leadership; plays Varsity Football and Varsity Rugby; has been awarded an Academic Merit every term since Grade 7; 73 hours of community service.
Will Brothers: Macdonald House Captain; member of Broadcast Journalism; soloist at the Inter-Faith Prayer Circle, lead in Oliver!, and performed two solos at An Andrean Christmas; plays Varsity Rugby.
Safwan Rashid: Middle School House Captain; chapter lead of, recipient of the Robert and Margaret Montgomery Scholarship; AP Capstone; SACX speaker; national RoboCup champion; 96 community service hours.
David Yang: Deputy Head of the Community Service Council; Macdonald House Captain, Middle School tutor, Head of the Science Research Club; member of the Wind Ensemble, Model UN, and VEX Robotics; three-term varsity athlete playing badminton, swimming, and volleyball; AP Capstone; over 100 hours of community service.
Jared Reinemo: Middle School House Captain; member of PRISM, the Pipes & Drums, and the Social Justice Council; SLG tutor; Extended French; 125 community service hours.
Liam Furey: Macdonald House Captain; Warrant Officer; member of the Andrean Life Council and enrolled in Broadcast Journalism; three-term varsity athlete playing hockey and lacrosse.
Jaedon Cover: Macdonald House Captain and member of the Environmental Council and the Wind Ensemble; two-term varsity athlete playing football and track and field; 129 hours of community service.
Marcus Fong: Wind Ensemble section leader; member of the Outreach Council and Arts Council; SLG tutor; has been on the Head of School Honour Roll every term at SAC; McEwen Leadership program; two-term varsity athlete playing squash and badminton.
Andrew Marek Tortorella: Macdonald House Captain; member of Council and Master Cadet program as the CSM for Macdonald Company; three-term athlete playing JV Soccer, curling, and Varsity Track & Field.
David Osa-Ogbeide: Macdonald House Captain; member of the Athletic Advisory Council and Head of the Black Cultural Society; three-term varsity athletic playing volleyball, basketball, and track and field; enrolled in AP Capstone and Broadcast Journalism; 94 community service hours.
Ben Wang: Macdonald House Captain; co-founder of the Science Research Club and member of the Outreach Council; member of the Wind Ensemble, Jazz Band, debating, and Model UN; AP Capstone; 162 community service hours.
Charles-M Bernier: Macdonal House Captain; student ambassador; member of the Andrean Life Council; Warrant Officer for Macdonald Company; three-term athlete playing Varsity Football, U18AAA Hockey, and Varsity Lacrosse; AP Capstone; 125 community service hours.
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