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Supporting the environment at SAC

Over the past year, students and staff have planted more than 400 trees and shrubs at Willow Farm.

The naturalization of the area around the boardwalk at Willow Farm is good for the environment in a variety of ways: 

•    It protects the water in Shad Creek, which eventually flows into Lake Simcoe.  
•    It allows birds and animals to better find food and protection. 
•    And aesthetically, it transforms our perspective from manicured lawn to a view of a layered forest habitat. 

Partnering with the Lake Simcoe Conservation Authority, which provided expertise and most of the trees, Middle and Upper School students got their hands dirty and learned how to plant trees and shrubs so they have a greater chance of survival.  

As I often said to the students planting, in five years, you will come back and this will be a forest you helped regrow.  

In the new year, the program will expand to the main SAC campus, where trees and shrubs will be planted by Shad Creek. Eventually, the program will expand to the entire campus, where we will also begin to remove invasive species before we plant.

Story by Angus Murray
Coordinator of Outdoor and Experiential Education
St. Andrew's College
15800 Yonge Street, Aurora, ON L4G 3H7 Canada
Tel: 905-727-3178