Athletic results for spring term announced

This week we celebrated the athletic achievements of both Upper and Middle School students in separate Athletic Assemblies. Ketchum Auditorium was filled with cheers from staff and students as we reflected on the spring sports successes.

Here are the Most Valuable Players (MVP) listed first and the Most Improved Players (MIP) listed second:

Upper School Athletic Award Winners

Jr. Badminton – Raymond Hao, Zhou Hua   

Sr. Badminton – Michael Wang, David Yang            

Jr. Tennis – Mats Leis, Johnny Zhou

Sr. Tennis – Alex Small, Alex Sinclair           

SAC Triathlon – Henry Paluch, Michael Chen          

Novice / Jr. Track & Field – Kevin Zhang, Mitchell Zack      

Sr. Track & Field – Aiden Van der Weg, David Ezeude       

Jr. Golf – Hayden Thorne, Christian Iwai      

Sr. Golf – Matthew Lyons, Troy Tsai             

Jr. Lacrosse – Hank Heider, Jack Helkie                  

1st Lacrosse – Riley Knox / Ben McMullen, Lucas Veilleux 

1st Baseball –  Fionn Keon, Charlie Guy                  

Jr. Rugby – Will Mantrop, Bennet Schachler

1st Rugby – Roan Binnendyk, Teagh Tremain         

Mark Oliver Award – Oliver Bayley   
Middle School Athletic Award Winners
U14 Lacrosse                         
            MVP    Ryan Preston
            MIP      Dante Ferri
U14 Tennis
            MVP    Marco Montemurro
            MIP      Jayden Leung
U14 Rugby Red Team
            MVP    Jason Roy-DiClemente
            MIP      Clayton Yang
U14 Rugby White Team
            MVP    Joshua Shi
            MIP      Dhruv Murali
U14 Softball
            MVP    Parker Bifolchi
            MIP      Darien Abdulla
U12 Softball
            MVP    Bailey Davies
            MIP      Daniel Chen
U14 Badminton
            MVP    Owen Shen
            MIP      Veeraj Khera
U12 Track and Field
            MVP    Joseph Corsetti
            MIP      Dabao Shen
U14 Track and Field
            MVP    Don Hou
            MIP     Ben Aquino
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