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The 2022-2023 Prefects Announced

It has been 26 months of highs and lows for our community and communities worldwide. From COVID-19 to Tuesday’s school shooting in Texas, it was important to take a moment to focus on something very positive – the announcement of the 2022-2023 St. Andrew’s College Prefects.
To open the assembly in Ketchum Auditorium, Mr. Dave Stewart read aloud the names of the 19 children and two adults who lost their lives in the brutal and barbaric act at Robb Elementary school in Uvalde, Texas, followed by a moment of silence for them and their suffering families.
Head of School, Kevin McHenry, then thanked the current Prefects and commended them for their leadership, spirit, and support. He also applauded the entire Class of 2022 for setting an overwhelmingly positive tone for the year and their fellow Andreans.
Mr. McHenry read aloud the names of the 2022-2023 Prefects in no particular order: Marcus Marek Tortorella, Jack Cordingley, Daniel Zhao, Anthony Lio, Cameron Veisman, Ashton Watson, Anselmo Rego, Teagh Tremain, Sydney Wambua, Declan Ste. Marie, Tony He (Deputy Head Prefect), and Tinaye Ngorima (Head Prefect).
He congratulated the 51 boys who put their names forward to be considered for prefectship, one of the most challenging forms of leadership at the school. “This might have been the most names for consideration in all my years as Head,” Mr. McHenry said. After students and staff cast their ballots, 12 boys were chosen.
“I feel most for the majority of boys who will not be named as Prefects today,” Mr. McHenry said. “This should be viewed as only a minor bump along the road of your leadership journey. Be resilient and continue to seek out the many other leadership opportunities available at SAC.”
With the current Prefects centre stage, one by one, the newly elected Prefects were called forward with Mr. McHenry reading portions of their cover letters and detailing their many SAC achievements. As each new Prefect bounded to the stage, they were handed their Prefect Tie and badge by an outgoing Prefect. The new panel stood shoulder to shoulder on stage as the rest of the school applauded.
SAC’s 2022-2023 Prefects:
Tinaye Ngorima, Head Prefect: Peter L. Stewart Award, Margaret & Robert ’46 Montgomery Scholarship winner, Macdonald House Captain, AP Capstone, McEwen Leadership, Social Justice Council, ACPlus, DECA, 1st Football, 1st Basketball, 1st Rugby, 175.5 hours of community service
Tony He, Deputy Head Prefect: McEwen Leadership, AP Capstone, Macdonald House Captain, Wellness Council (head), PRISM, SACX 2022 (organizer), CSM for Macdonald Company, Senior Cross-Country, 1st Basketball, 1st Lacrosse, 115.5 hours of community service
Jack Cordingley: AP Capstone, Middle School House Captain, Sr. Debate Society (co-president), SAC Jewish Society (co-president), ACPlus, Wind Ensemble (band captain and section leader), Community Service Council, 1st Squash, 1st Baseball, 84.75 hours of community service
Anthony Lio: T.E. Harrison Award winner, ACPlus, Photography Club, 1st Football, 1st Basketball, Senior Track and Field
Marcus Marek Tortorella: Extended French, McEwen Leadership, Macdonald House Captain, Platoon Commander for Sifton Company, Andrean Life Council (co-head), Model UN (leader), Student Ambassador, Outdoor Leadership Club (founder), ACPlus, 1st Soccer, U18AAA Hockey, Senior Track and Field, 92 hours of community service
Anselmo Rego: Macdonald House Captain, Master Cadet, Macdonald Company Warrant Officer, SAC Dramatic Arts Society, ACPlus, 1st Hockey, 1st Lacrosse
Declan St. Marie: Macdonald House Captain, Master Cadet, Platoon Commander, SAC Dramatic Arts Society, ACPlus, 1st Football, Nordic Skiing, 1st Rugby
Teagh Tremain: AP Capstone, McEwen Leadership, Macdonald House Captain, Macdonald Company Warrant Officer, Photography Club (founder), ACPlus, 1st Football, U18AAA Hockey, 1st Rugby; 101.25 hours of community service
Cameron Veisman: Macdonald House Captain, Pipes & Drums, Community Service Council, SAC Biomedical Health Sciences Club, SAC Jewish Society (co-founder), Senior Cross-Country, 1st Swimming, Senior Track and Field; 50.75 hours of community service
Sydney Wambua: McEwen Leadership, Macdonald House Captain, Master Cadet, Theatre Tech Council, SAC Dramatic Arts Society, Senior Cross-Country, 1st Swimming, 123.5 hours of community service
Ashton Watson: McEwen Leadership, Middle School House Captain, ACPlus, 1st Football, 1st Basketball, Senior Track and Field
Daniel Zhao: AP Capstone, Macdonald House Captain, Music SLG, Library Leadership Team, 1st Football, 1st Fencing, Senior Track and Field, Atlantic Canada table tennis champion and PEI provincial team captain, 109 hours of community service
We thank our outgoing slate of Prefects for their leadership this past year: Henry Paluch (Head Prefect), Spencer Thomson (Deputy Head Prefect), David Buckley, Lucas Fong, Rowan Kimens, Kyle Murphy, Vincent Virgilio, Jonathan Shen, David Ezeude, Michael Chen, Colton Phillips, Kade Hennessey, Daniel Iwai, and Matthew Olejarz.
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