SpringSmash returns to campus

As much as SpringSmash is about sports and play, the charitable aspect of the day is just as important.
The Grade 12 McEwen Leadership students kicked off their fundraising campaign for SpringSmash 2022 in assembly and advisory sessions, promoting an action-packed, fun-filled day. “It is a lot of fun planning an event that the entire student body can enjoy. I’m learning to appreciate how much work goes on behind the scenes to run an event of this size and scope,” says Hunter Hayhoe ’22.
SpringSmash is a celebratory end-of-year event full of sports and festival activities designed to raise awareness for Jumpstart Charities. McEwen students have made a convincing appeal in support of Jumpstart, which gives kids from families in financial need the same chance to participate in sports and extra-curricular activities as their neighbours, their classmates, and their friends.
“It is an honour to have a leadership opportunity that allows us to not only bring back an event that is so fun for the entire school, but also to give kids in the community the chance to get in the game,” says David Guizzetti ’22.
Fundraising in support of Jumpstart allows SAC students to give back to families in Aurora and Newmarket that don’t have the means to provide such opportunities.  All funds raised go directly to the Aurora/Newmarket chapter of Jumpstart.
Every $100 raised will give one child a chance to participate in a sport of their choice. Donations can be made in person by filling out pledge forms in the Staunton Gallery and Reception and returning them to the donation boxes at Reception. Alternatively, online donations can be made here.
This year's SpringSmash event takes place on May 26 and is presented by York1, and sponsored by Xiaoshan Wuchan Group, Capital Infrastructure, Highland GM, Pool Craft, and BMR Management.
Story by Sean Maillet
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