Making malas and practicing mindfulness in the Upper School

Upper School boys took time to practice mindfulness at a mala-making workshop Monday after school.

The workshop was headed by Carolyn Bilton, Head of Modern Languages, and Whitney Elliott, Middle School teacher, who are both members of the school's Wellness Committee.

The session started with Ms Bilton leading a meditation focused on self-care. “It is important to take time to replenish our own ‘body budget’ as well as to express gratitude and kindness to the people in our lives,” she says.

Ms Elliott guided the students through the mala-making process and the properties of the beads. The boys then made two mala bracelets, one for themselves and one for someone in their lives.

“We finished off with a discussion on the power of gratitude and taking the time to note what we are grateful for each day and to express our gratitude to others,” says Ms Bilton who is also the faculty supervisor for the Student Wellness Council.

The teachers report that the boys embraced the meditation, overcame the challenges when dropping their work and spilling all their beads, and the hour passed very quickly!

One student joined in to learn more about mindfulness after participating in the session that Ms Bilton runs as part of the Grade 12 leadership course.

Middle School students have the opportunity to make mala bracelets through Avant-Garde Friday wellness activities.

Mala bracelets can be used by anyone in their everyday lives to help focus the mind.
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