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Grade 8 math class produces ‘model’ students

Grade 8 mathematicians have been applying their knowledge of ratios and working to develop their maker skills through creating a scale model of a St. Andrew’s College building.

The boys are learning about the ratio of actual size and drawing size. They apply this to reductions, like with a map, or enlargements, like a picture of a cell.

“The project involved the boys measuring the real-life size of a building on campus using Google Earth and some estimation techniques using metre sticks/measuring tapes,” explains Stephen Holmes, Middle School math teacher.

The students took the real-life measurements of their assigned building and calculated the scale model to a 1:500 size. 

Meera Balendran, Maker Educator Specialist, led a workshop on designing their scale model building using a 3D software called Tinkercad. She showed them how to incorporate details such as windows, doors, and SAC logos, which were 3D printed in the new maker space.

Mr. Holmes says the boys enjoyed the design process and are justifiably proud of their creations. 

Check out the photos and see if you can identify the building.
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