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Perfect conditions for some winter fun

A layer of untouched snow was awaiting the boys returning to campus from the holiday break.
Middle School boarders took full advantage and enjoyed an afternoon of winter activities on Wednesday. They worked in teams and competed in three activities to win points. The first challenge was a team effort to achieve the longest toboggan slide. They used physics to plan and plenty of practice to get the most speed and distance.
Next up was the building of a quinzee. For those not familiar, a quinzee is a Canadian snow shelter made from a large pile of loose snow, which is shaped then hollowed. Basically, it’s a snow fort! This event started in the classroom as the boys used research and math skills to plan before the build. Once outside, they executed their plans to perfection.
Finally, they played Frisbee golf using a combination of hand-eye coordination and technique to attempt the lowest number of throws as a team.
All boys actively participated and had a great time outside around the campus. On Friday afternoon, prizes will be awarded to the winning teams, and everyone will enjoy a pizza party to cap off the week.
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