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Grade 6 holiday card a star-studded creation

Each year, Grade 6 students create a beautiful holiday-themed painting in art class with Mrs. Berman. 

The most creative ones, based on design and colour, are selected and entered in the Head of School holiday card selection. 

Mr. McHenry then chooses his favourite piece, which becomes his family's holiday card. The decision is always a tough one, as there is a significant amount of beautiful works created. 

Arts Coordinator, Randi Berman, leads this creative process. 

"We looked at Vincent Van Gogh's The Starry Night painting for inspiration," she explains. "We used acrylic paint and also created a stamp for the trees. We talked about cool colours and creating a sense of movement in the sky."

This year, the chosen painting belongs to Cooper Rodek, whose design features a forest of festive trees beneath a swirling night sky. Cooper's artwork certainly captures the essence of the Dutch artist's famed masterpiece.
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