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A bump in the road leads to success

I watched in shock as our Vex Robotics team lost 32 to nothing. This was the same team which three weeks ago, at a similar competition in Ottawa, had won all three of the major awards: the Robot Skill Champion Award, the Tournament Champion Award, and the Excellence Award. The same team that has already qualified for the provincials, but this was a more significant competition and had 79 very competitive teams. The question was, is our team of Kevin Zhang, Marco Li, Roy Huang, Eddie Jia, Simon Li, Bruce Sun, Aaron Wang, and Andy Wang ready for this latest challenge?
One of the greatest strengths champions possess is tenacity. When things go wrong, can a team fight back and achieve success? The St. Andrew’s Vex team fixed their robot and continued the round-robin matches. They finished with a 4-2-0 record, which was good enough for 21st place. The top 32 teams made qualifications, and the Saints won their first match 22-5. In the round of 16, they won again, 58-36, and in the quarter-finals, they won 51-35.
There was mention of a large banner to be won by the champions, and this seemed to inspire the team even more. They won their semifinal match 48-34, which meant they would have to face the number two seeded team in the finals. 
The day was long, it was almost 8 p.m., and the boys had endured nearly 12 hours of competition. The first minute of the finals saw the competition take the lead, but there was plenty of time left on the clock. The Saints started scoring, and by the end of the match, won with a score of 62-41. 
It was an incredible accomplishment, congratulations to our Vex Robotics team.
Story by Terry Prezens



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