Model UN team finds success at debate

On December 6, 15 students boarded a bus to King City to compete in the annual Country Day School Model United Nations Conference. The conference was held over one evening and was broken into three committees: beginner, intermediate, and advanced.
For many of the boys, this served as their first glimpse into the world of Model UN, however, it became quickly evident that they had prepared accordingly. Soon after the sessions began, our team members found themselves fronting a plethora of cultural and social issues. The Saints proved to be successful in the debate, receiving a variety of awards during the closing ceremony.
The beginner committee, “Chernobyl”, had members representing the people involved in the cleanup efforts of the Soviet reactor meltdown. Matheen Khan won for Best Position Paper. Additionally, Alex Zhang, who had the opportunity to represent the former Soviet General Secretary, Mikhail Gorbachev, won Best Delegate.
In the intermediate committee, “We the People” delegates tackled United States politics, 30 years in the future. Mike Pence, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Chelsea Clinton were just some of the characters represented in the debate. David Buckley received Best Delegate award, Sebastian Kinsey won an Honorable Mention, and Caleb Williams received Outstanding Delegate.
The advanced committee, “Why Do We Fall?”, had delegates thrust into the cinematic world of The Dark Knight Rises, a superhero film based on the Batman character, with the task of saving Gotham City from the antagonist, Bane, and his extensive army. We received two awards: David Kurp won an Honorable Mention, and Blake Phillips, representing infamous villain, Riddler, received Best Delegate.
Now, the boys switch their focus to the new year, with both the Holy Trinity School and Harvard University Model UN Simulations occurring in January. The team is excited to attempt the HTS committee for their first time and expect great results from the trip to Boston, Massachusetts.
Special thanks to the faculty head of Model UN, Jeff LaFw54orge, as well as Assistant Head of School, Courtenay Shrimpton, and Upper School teacher, Joe Commisso, for travelling with the team to the conference and providing help throughout the trip.
Any students interested in joining the Model UN team can sign up through the Arts/Co-Curricular Plus program.
Story by David Kurp ’21
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