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Grade 6 boys add positive intentions to mala bracelet project

A group of Grade 6 students created beautiful gemstone mala bracelets as part of their Community Giving program in October.
Each boy carefully chose gemstones for his one-of-a-kind piece, keeping in mind he doesn’t know who will be receiving it. The bracelets will be given to a nearby shelter for abused women and children.
Before starting the craft, the boys learned about the benefits of gemstones such as quartz, howlite, jasper, and other semi-precious stones. They were intrigued by the benefits associated with these stones, such as courage, healing, calmness, self-love, and confidence. They also learned that while making their mala bracelet, they can set an intention for the wearer, such as calmness, peace, emotional healing, and inner strength.
Once they had put the finishing touches on their creations, they each wrote a Christmas card to accompany their bracelet. On the card they described the benefits of the stones they chose and wished the recipient a happy holiday.
There are two more groups of Grade 6 boys waiting to create mala bracelets and in December, the special jewelry will be donated to the shelter.
Story by Julie Caspersen
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