Fallen Andreans honoured during Remembrance Day services

Remembrance Day services were centred around Memorial Chapel, a place where fallen Andreans have been honoured since the First World War.
On the Quad stood 10 white crosses and the Middle School boys visited each one in turn. They heard 10 stories, each of an Andrean who had sacrificed himself for his country and for their freedom. They learned the details of these men’s lives and deaths. They stood in silent reflection before placing red poppies on the crosses.
The boys then gathered and listened to the Last Post played on the trumpet and Amazing Grace played on the bagpipes before returning to class.
Upper School students started their reflections in Memorial Chapel. They watched images of war, sacrifice, freedom, death, grief, and remembrance. They listened as a classmate read the poem, In Flanders Fields. They sang a hymn: “When will people cease their fighting? When will armies wage no war, nations conquer not their neighbour, weapons idle, used not more.”
The boys, in Kilted First Dress, filed outside to the Quad in silence, to the place Rev. Bruce Roffey referred to as “in the shadow of the fallen,” half lining the east side and half lining the west side, all facing in toward a circle of Cadet officers.
The names of Old Boys who’d perished in the Second World War were read aloud, one by one. Each name was followed by a Cadet raising his sword and proclaiming, “We will remember them.” During this ceremony, a brisk breeze blew crisp maple leaves from the stately trees surrounding the Quad, ushering them along the sidewalk. The Canadian flag flapped to attention as the kilted boys watched in sombre reverence.
Rev. Roffey reminded the teens to reflect on the “sacrificially earned peace” they enjoy as the service concluded and classes resumed.
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Story by Julie Caspersen
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