Students ready to rock the stage for fall play

School of Rock is set to hit the stage in Wirth Theatre November 13-16 and the SAC Dramatic Society has been working hard the last few months in preparation. The excitement is building around SAC as dozens of student performers are part of the cast of this upbeat, feel-good musical.

Two of the cast members, brothers Cameron (Grade 9) and Caleb Veisman (Grade 12) will be sharing the stage for the first time and are looking forward to the experience. “It is my first real attempt at acting and it’s forced me out of my comfort zone, allowing me to realize I am more capable of what I have led myself to believe,” explains Caleb.

The story is an uplifting one that focuses on an impoverished rocker turned substitute teacher, who takes over a class at a stuffy private school. It shows the transformation of the children from tentative musicians, who feel they don’t have a voice among adults, to bona fide rock stars, who make their parents see them in a new light and listen to what they have to say. 

When asked why everyone needs to see School of Rock, Cameron says, “The storyline. It relates to every kid who's been told to be quiet due to the fact that they're ‘just a kid.’ It's a really well-written play and anyone who likes music, would definitely enjoy it.”

And if you’re wondering if all the music is performed by the students, Director William Scoular has your answer, “It’s not just that they must act, sing, and dance. They also need to be incredible musicians. Everyone keeps asking me if the kids really play their instruments, and I can assure you they do.”

“It is a heartfelt play that touches on the idea of people coming out of their shell, and discovering their true potential,” adds Caleb. While the students are coming out of their shell, the audience will be coming out of their seats and on their feet by the end of the show. Between the rockin’ live music and the gripping storyline, School of Rock promises to be a fall play you won’t want to miss.

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Story by Sean Maillet



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