Good effort and lessons learned for U14A Soccer Saints

Wednesday afternoon, in between thunderstorms, our (undefeated and yet to be scored on this season) Toronto visitors put on a clinic of skilled passing, perfectly-timed checking, and sure-footed finishing.

So strong was their game, that our boys weren't able to launch a single threatening shot on their net over the 70-minute span. That's quite an achievement and certainly a learning point mid-season for our young team.
We were most pleased with our boys in red for their never-quit attitude, battling hard through consistent hustle and tenacity, despite the frustration of being unable to match the far greater experience of our opponents.
Two of our strongest performances came from Alex Sinclair from the left defensive back position, making several very well-timed clearances to temporarily hold off the opposition’s onslaught of opportunities. Additionally, co-captain (on the day) Nicolas Belmonte was asked to play two unfamiliar positions due to peer injuries, and acquitted himself brilliantly at both assignments.
All in all, another great day for soccer. Go Saints!
Final Score:
UCC 5 - SAC 0
Story by Coaches Kyle and Totera
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