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Athletic results for spring term announced

This morning’s Athletic Assembly in Ketchum Auditorium was a celebration of the spring sports successes.
The theme of the assembly, beyond recognizing sporting achievements, was the value of participation. The boys were reminded that taking part in a sport is more important than winning, and it’s better to have played and lost every game than to never have joined a team and participated.
Before the awards were handed out, Athletic Director Paul Bedard turned the microphone over to Bryce Neil, a grade 11 student who has been elected Head Prefect for the 2019-2020 school year.
“How can we be the best version of ourselves on the court, arena, field, or course?” Bryce asked at the full-school assembly.
He requested a couple of classmates to help answer this question. Oruese Erivwo, in grade 11, sustained an ankle injury and needed to work hard to regain his jump shot and Bryce asked him how he recovered his abilities on the basketball court.
“I had to continue shooting and running to strengthen my leg back to what it was before,” Oruese explained.
Bryce then called on Isaac Bradbury, captain of Varsity Soccer, who broke his leg this year. How did he get back in form? “Every day I did rehab with Drew Eidt (athletic therapist). He helped me maintain my strength so when I got back, I was ready to go 100 percent with the guys,” responded Isaac, a grade 12 student.
Bryce also spoke about Steven Liu, a grade 11 student who wakes up every morning at 4:30 to train for swimming and heads to the pool again after school. “He really values perseverance. Swimming provides the skills to perform and compete under pressure and stress. It motivates him in his everyday studies. It increases his confidence. Fuels his grit. Makes him a more complete person.”
Bryce said a lot of the responses talked about strength and after their respective setbacks everyone trained harder and persevered mentally to gain confidence in their abilities.
“If we tell ourselves we are the best, we can breed confidence. Confidence that allows us to set personal bests. Confidence that allows us to enjoy the process. Confidence that makes us feel good.
“Have confidence. Think positive thoughts. And know you can achieve success no matter what obstacles may come your way.”
Story by Julie Caspersen
MVPs and MIPs

Here are the Most Valuable Players (MVP) listed first and the Most Improved Players (MIP) listed second:
U14 Badminton – Hiram Chen, Ben Wang   
U16 Badminton – Wing Zou, JulyAnh Nguyen         
1st Badminton – Michael Hanrahan, Zi Yu Han        
U14 Tennis – Alex Sinclair, Adrian Wei        
U16 Tennis – Max Houghton, Jack Rankel  
1st Tennis – Matteo Derbedrosian, PZ Zhang          
Sr. Triathlon – Willem Grier, Neebin Elliott    
Jr. Triathlon – Alex Ventin, Henry Paluch     
U11 Track & Field – Mack Stewart, Owen Lewis      
U12 Track & Field – Duncan McDonell, Brandon Yi 
U13 Track & Field – Braydon Bruce, Charlie Jansen           
U14 Track & Field – Christian Mitsis, Michael Zhang           
Midget Track & Field – Franklin Zhang, Aiden van der Weg
Jr. Track & Field – Aaron Lee, Hanson Xiang           
Sr. Track & Field – Caden Markle, Neebeesh Elliott 
Jr. Golf – Troy Tsai, Ethan Mitchell   
Sr. Golf – Hunter Kolm, Ahmed Shaikh        
1st Cricket – Ben van Eeden, Martin Skachkov       
U14 Lacrosse – Noah Roberts, Grey Berman          
JV Lacrosse – Ian Morrison, Liam Stevenson          
1st Lacrosse – Evan Brisley, Christopher Roy         
U12 Softball – Parker Bifolchi, Usman Shakir          
U14 Softball – Blake Duyn, Matteo Cercola 
1st Baseball – Eugene Lee, Bill Starke        
U14 Rugby – Alexander Nikols, Juan Pablo Hernandez Coss         
U16 Rugby – Johannes Foltsmann, Jose Madrazo  
1st Rugby – Alastair Binnendyk, Jason Grenier       
Mark Oliver Award – Ryder Germain            
Athletic “A” awards handed out
St. Andrew’s also honours its elite graduating student-athletes with an Athletic “A” award. The “A” is achieved by accumulating athletic points in the final two years of school.
10 points are awarded for each qualifying first team of which a boy is a full-time member. Additional points are awarded as follows: 5 points for a first team captain; 5 points for a first team MVP; 3 points for a first team MIP. A total of 60 points is required to earn an “A” and the following students reached this milestone in 2019:
Mikey Bahen  
Alastair Binnendyk     
Andrew Boland          
Campbell Clarke
Dante Fernandes       
Willem Grier   
Xavier Henry  
Caden Markle
Ryan Sutherland Pace
Ben van Eeden
Mr. Bedard also read a list of 19 boys who played on a first team in all three terms:
Andrew Boland
Campbell Clarke
Neebeesh Elliott
Oruese Erivwo
Nathan Falconi
Dante Fernandes
Willem Grier
Alejandro Guraieb Abella
Michael Hanrahan
Xavier Henry
Brandon Kim
Ethan Landry
Caden Markle
Sabastian Murphy Ives
Bryce Neil
Andrew O'Hare
Blake Phillips
Alex Power
Ryan Sutherland Pace
The Athlete of the Year will be announced on Prize Day, Friday, June 14.
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