Final chapel service in academic year for Class of 2019

The Class of 2019 started off their final chapel service of the year with the singing of a favourite hymn, Amazing Grace.

It was a gathering of reflection in Memorial Chapel led by Dave Stewart, coordinator of student engagement and wellness. He asked the boys to share some memories of their time at the School. In addition to a story about boarding hijinks, the students reflected on An Andrean Christmas, the SASSAW (St. Andrew’s Society for Service Around the World) trip, the battlefield tour, the grade 9 Cadet trip, the grade 10 history trip, and the McEwen Leadership trip.

The next journey the boys will be taking is through the gates of St. Andrew’s as they prepare to leave next month for the first time as Old Boys. “It may not mean something to you at the time, but the friendships you’ve made here are really important. For most of you, you’ll remain friends for the rest of your lives,” Mr. Stewart said.

 “When you leave it’s not just difficult for you, it’s difficult for us, too,” Mr. Stewart said, referring to the faculty and staff members who have forged relationships with students over the years.

“We’ve been part of your journey, too. You’ve been special.”

However, graduation isn’t the end of their association with St. Andrew’s and Mr. Stewart reminded the grade 12 students that they are welcome back on campus anytime.

“This will always be your place.”

Story by Julie Caspersen
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