McEwen Leadership Case Study Competition

On Wednesday, May 15, the brightest business minds from the grade 10 Introduction to Business (BBI2O) class competed in the finals of the McEwen Leadership Case Study Competition.

The competition marked the culmination of a year-long business leadership program in which the grade 10 students have acquired a variety of leadership skills and put applied them to several business curriculum concepts. Throughout the school year, the students have learned to solve business problems concerning marketing, entrepreneurship, innovation, human resources, and social responsibility by utilizing the ‘case study approach’ to problem-solving.
The final stage of the case study process featured a summative case study project in which each group acted as a consulting company and recommended several strategies related to the successful launch, branding, and marketing of a new athletic footwear product into the GTA market. From each of the six class sections, one student group qualified to compete in the finals of the McEwen Leadership Case Study Competition.
The final competition was held in the Towers Library and the members of each finalist group presented their case study solution to an audience which included fellow grade 10 Business finalists as well as a judging panel. The judging panel featured Mr. Hamilton Petropoulos '08 (Associate, Generation Ventures) and Mr. Ryan Austin '02 (Founder & CEO, Synapse).
Each group was judged on their ability to present a professional, feasible, and creative marketing plan for their athletic footwear product. In the end, the judges were extremely impressed by the ability of the students to address ‘real-world’ business issues with great depth and insight. Mr. Petropoulos commented that "All of the groups have come up with a footwear product that addresses an actual consumer need. They have a really good understanding of how to identify a problem and gap in the market." Mr. Austin added, "The students present very well in a high-pressure situation. They obviously have put a lot of time into preparing their presentations. These skills are so important as they move into the business world."
Afterwards, the judges gave some general feedback and career advice to the students. "If you want to differentiate yourself from the other hundreds of applicants for a job, you have to be able to tell a story with your cover letter and resume. You need to start crafting that story now - all the opportunities and initiatives you engage in now should be building the story that you'll tell in the future about why you'd be best for the job," Mr. Austin advised.
Congratulations are extended to this year's Championship Group. The judges were won over by how well the product concept solved a real consumer need, while being integrated consistently across branding and marketing initiatives. This group also clearly understood the difference between the end user and the actual buyer of their product, and it was clear how the marketing initiatives would engage the consumer and lead them through the 'buyer's journey' towards a purchase.
Adapt Mimic - Case Study Competition Champions!
JulyAnh Nguyen
Ryan Bryden
Richard Wu
Paul Zhao
Congratulations to all of this year's participants. The judges were very impressed with their ideas, especially their product innovation.
Nova Marketing - Honourable Mention
Ostynn Lee
Kordian Mazurkiewicz
Johannes Folttman
Wing Zou
Hyper Reach
Denis Kasianiuk
Lalo Osuna
Jason Zhang
Aiden Kirchmair
KM Golf
Hunter Kolm
Jack McMillan
Lochlan McTeague (Honourable Mention - judge's 'best presenter')
Ian Morrison
Evolve Marketing
Ryan Henderson
Jason Garner
David Kurp
Ren Motegi
Dana Goharchi
Gavin Lunau
Bill Shen
Duncan Smith
In addition, five members of the BBI2O classes have been named to the Grade 10 McEwen Leadership All-Star Team in recognition of their exceptional business knowledge and leadership potential. These students will be presented with the opportunity to attend the Ontario Educational Leadership Centre (OELC) during the summer of 2018. The students will be able to participate in a course in either Secondary Athletics, Arts, or Music Leadership. More information about the OELC can be found at the following link -
Congratulations to the following students who have been named to the Grade 10 McEwen Leadership All-Star Team:
Grade 10 McEwen Leadership All-Star Team
Zishan Tejpar
Braeden Donnelly
Christian Haggith
Lucas DeMello
Jordan Trajkovski
Alex Ventin
Congratulations to all participants in the Grade 10 McEwen Leadership Program for an excellent year of case-study problem solving!

Story by Sean Ludwig
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