Successful RoboCup Jr. Competition for SAC students

The York Region RoboCup Jr. Competition came to St. Andrew’s College on Tuesday as the School hosted 72 students from five schools.
Participants took on three challenges vying for the top prize and the chance to travel to Australia in July.
In the Rescue Line competition, an autonomous robot followed a black line while overcoming different problems in a modular arena formed by tiles with different patterns. In the Primary Line, Haadi Khan ’23, Flynn Ma ’23, Michael Tsui ’23 placed first with the team of Christian Mitsis ’23, Ben Wang ’24, and Syarique Syahrizal ’23 placing second. In the Secondary Line, Alex Zhang '20 and Michael Hanrahan finished first and Daniel Svirsky '20 and Arthur Wang '20 finished second by one point. Their scores of 196 and 195, respectively, were exceptional. 
In the Rescue Maze competition, the robot searched through a maze for victims. The robot should not find the fastest path through the maze, but instead should explore as much of the maze as possible. The robot gets points for each victim found and for delivering a rescue kit close to the victim. In the Primary Maze, Seamus Martin ’23, Ethan Pearson ’23, and William Zhang ’23 nabbed first prize. And in the Secondary Maze, Kevin Zhang ’20 and Marco Li ’20 earned top prize and Finn Lehmann ’20 and Weiyang (John) Ye took home second.
Lastly, in the soccer competition, two-on-two teams of autonomous mobile robots played in a highly dynamic environment, tracking a special light-emitting ball in an enclosed, land-marked field. First prize went to Ethan Joiner ’20, Jack McCann ’20, Brendan O’Brien ’20, and Andrew Scott ’20.
The students are eagerly awaiting news as to whether they will earn a spot a RoboCup Jr. Worlds in Australia in July as the other provinces and regions continue to compete.
Story by Lawrence DeMello, Computer Science & Mathematics, Robotics Coach



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