Reflecting on Humboldt tragedy, one year later

Last year around this time, a hockey team from Saskatchewan was heading to a playoff game, but they never made it. Sixteen were killed in the accident and a team, community, province, and, indeed, a country were profoundly impacted by the tragedy.
In fact, the loss resonated with those around the world who love hockey, and also with those who do not. It was an unspeakable tragedy.
One year later, the grieving continues as many people attempt to rebuild what they had or continue life remembering those who were lost. SAC's tribute, like so many across the nation, was impactful. Please see our story from last April and a link to a video tribute here.
One year later, we have not forgotten. We will be devoting our Chapel gathering to the Humboldt tragedy.
I have put together some videos that may not be easy to watch but are important reminders of the impact of this tragic event. They will, I hope, help us remember those who were lost and those who remain profoundly affected. As well, perhaps, it might remind us that life is fleeting and if we hug our loved ones a little more tightly tonight, that is understandable.
I watch everything that I post. Needless to say, I have been overcome with emotion several times today. The act of remembrance is never easy, but the task of rebuilding after such a tragedy must seem impossible at times. Crying over the loss of 16 people you never knew seems like the least one could do.
One year later, the crash continues to have a profound impact on me. Coincidently, sitting beside me at my desk is a letter from Service Ontario: Organ and Tissue Donor Registration. Other than tears, it seems like the least I could do.
Story by Dave Stewart
Coordinator, Student Engagement and Wellness
St. Andrew's College
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