Grade 6 painting chosen for Headmaster’s holiday card

Congratulations to Ethan Fleming whose holiday painting, designed in Art class, was selected as the card the McHenry family is sending to faculty and staff.
Ethan said he was speechless when he learned at a Middle School gathering that his painting won the honour. “I was like, ‘Oh my gosh.’ I was really excited!” he said.
The 18 X 24 canvas is a representation of a house with a colourful yard and a snowy sky. Randi Berman, Arts Coordinator, said she and the boys looked to the artwork of Anna Blatman for inspiration for their creations but added a bit of holiday flair to their designs.
Every boy in Mrs. Berman’s grade 6 class made a painting based on the same theme and each one is as different as snowflakes. Ethan, 11, explained how he used custom-cut sponges as tools to create the large flakes falling from the bright blue sky. If you look very closely you might decipher Ethan’s name in each flake.
Every boy has his name hidden in the sky of their painting, a real “secret” that the students enjoyed adding in the falling snow.
The boys’ paintings are tactile pieces. Ethan said the class worked with modelling paste to add dimension then used a variety of colours to add even more interest. Ethan used a colour wheel to choose his shades, layering red over blue in one section, yellow over orange in another.
“Ethan spent a lot of extra time and put so much effort into his painting,” Mrs. Berman said.
His hard work and creativity paid off as Headmaster Kevin McHenry selected Ethan’s work as the cover for the McHenry family 2018 holiday card.
While the SAC staff and faculty will receive a reprint of the winning painting, Ethan will be taking the original home, and said he has a feeling his mom will be hanging it in a special place.
Story by Julie Caspersen
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