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Fall Athletic Assembly showcases success and teamwork

The Athletic Assembly highlighting the fall sports term unveiled the Most Valuable Players and Most Improved Players in Soccer, Cross Country, Volleyball, and Football.
Here is a list of the award winners in each sport:
Soccer U12 ­– MVP Ryan Brown, MIP Marcus Knoop
Soccer U13 – MVP Nicholas Ferrante, MIP Ethan Kim   
Soccer U14B ­– MVP Mackenzie Fullerton, MIP Cameron Veisman          
Soccer U14A ­– MVP Domingo Valdes Padilla, MIP Alexander Nikols      
Soccer U16B ­– MVP Nat Bannister, MIP Hieu Ta           
Soccer U16A ­– MVP John-Anthony Zarboni, MIP Zishan Tejpar  
Soccer JV ­– MVP Spence Berman, MIP Lassi Lehti        
Soccer 1st ­– MVP Christopher Marton, MIP Matteo Derbedrosian
Cross Country U12 ­– MVP Mack Stewart, MIP Duncan McDonell
Cross Country U14 ­– MVP Christian Mitsis, MIP Owen Kamphuys          
Cross Country Mid. ­– MVP Henry Paluch, MIP Gustavo Gonzalez Hajj    
Cross Country Jr. ­– MVP Jack Rankel, MIP Paul Zhao
Cross Country Sr. ­– MVP Scott Hood, MIP Jiarong Xie
Cross Country Winners (and where they placed in the race)
U11 – Mack Stewart - 9
U12 –  Ryan Brown - 7  
U13 – Maxam D'Angelo - 3       
U14 – Christian Mitsis (Winner of MS Cross Country) - 1
U15 – Ronan Woodroffe - 9      
U16 – Jack Rankel - 12 
U17 – Christopher Marton (Winner of US Cross Country) - 1       
U18 – Scott Hood - 3    
U19 – Terry Wu - 61     
Volleyball U12 ­– MVP Hank Heider, MIP Tyler Iwai         
Volleyball U14­– MVP Fionn Keon, MIP Austin McInnis    
Volleyball U16 ­– MVP John Hou, MIP Quinton Greenfield           
Volleyball 1st ­– MVP Xavier Henry, MIP Caden Markle    
Football U16 ­– MVP Liam Taylor, MIP Mattias Jentsch   
Football 1st ­– MVP Nate Falconi, MIP Brandon Kim        
Addison Award Winners, presented to graduating member of 1st Football who have made an outstanding contribution to the game over their careers at SAC:
Will Abbott
Sam Ashton     
Alastair Binnendyk        
Grant Campbell
Ethan Kalra      
Alex Ross        
Dylan Tabone   
Please take a look at our photo gallery from the assembly.
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