Chasing the win

Yesterday’s game was proof positive that ingesting turkey tryptophan puts the male species to sleep. U14A Soccer needed a full 35 minutes to shake off their Thanksgiving feasting at Hillfield Strathallan College (HSC).
Tied at the half, the Saints were lucky to have only conceded a single goal as their Hamilton opponents enjoyed seven or eight easy shots on our scrambling goalkeeper, Ramon Chedraui.
After a good old-fashioned locker room pep talk, our Andrean Red Sea flooded the field, and like a plague of hungry locusts, out-swarmed a bewildered HSC squad, stuffing a further 5 goals in on 20 shots, carving up any opponent resilience, and blessing our goalkeeper with a well-deserved siesta for the remainder.
It was great to get our first win of the season, and hopefully move up from seventh place in the standings.
Final score: SAC 6 – HSC 1
Up next: Friday vs Bayview Glen at home
Stellar 2nd-half performances by:
Yamil Sesin Nicolas (“man of the match”)
Dylan White
Enrique Marcos Villarreal
Alex Nikols
Goals by:
Domingo Valdes Padilla (2)
David Rubtsov
Terrance Deng
Adam Campagna
Assists by:
Beckett Fullerton (2)
Karrar Jaber
Juan Pablo Hernandez
Story by David Kyle, U14A Soccer Coach



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