SAC and Trafalgar Castle engage in Conversations

Upper School boys were joined by 80 girls from Trafalgar Castle School for an important symposium called “Conversations.”

The May 22 workshop focused on the role of leadership and the importance of sexual literacy in the 21st Century, said symposium organizer Dave Stewart, St. Andrew’s Chapel Coordinator.

More than 100 SAC students who have earned positions of leadership at the School gathered with the Trafalgar girls on the Ketchum Auditorium stage to talk about issues surrounding consent, power, authority, and voice. The facilitated discussion focused on leadership. The students were asked: What do you stand for?

The students broke into groups for some team building exercises. They also had a chance to mingle and discuss the relevant issues. They watched a video about the #metoo movement and talked about how to be part of the societal shift towards accountability.

Students listened to a parent panel, as well, made up of two fathers of Trafalgar students and two mothers of boys at St. Andrew's.

Throughout the symposium, a guest artist, James Ruddle, painted a canvass using shades of black and white to finally reveal a portrait utilizing significant words such as positive, self, creative, and love.

Following the formal portion of the evening the students were able to make some art of their own. They also took part in a variety of other activities courtesy of the SAC Arts Council: improv, karaoke, refreshments, and a photo booth.

Story by Julie Caspersen
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