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Spring Term Athletic Results

This morning’s Athletic Assembly in Ketchum Auditorium was a celebration of the spring sports successes.

Athletic Director Paul Bedard turned the microphone over to graduating student Darren Wong, who gave a short speech on resiliency and camaraderie.

“Losses can be heartbreaking. We think about what could have been, but we keep competing.” Darren said. “Winning is awesome but there’s a lot to be garnered from a loss.”

Here are the Most Valuable Players (MVP) and Most Improved Players (MIP):

U14 Badminton
Bruce Sun, MVP
Thomas Yank, MIP

U16 Badminton

Tony Yang, MVP
Tyson Tao, MIP

1st Badminton

Nathaniel Chan, MVP
Michael Hanrahan, MIP

U14 Tennis

Matthew Olejarz, MVP
David Abramowicz, MIP

U16 Tennis

Leon Kwok, MVP
Max Houghton, MIP

1st Tennis

Warren Zhang, MVP
Steven Du, MIP

Sr. Triathlon
Michael Kurp, MVP
Lucas DeMello, MIP

U11 Track & Field

Caden Taylor, MVP
Akhilesh Ragavan, MIP

U12 Track & Field

Braydon Bruce, MVP
Bryce Rogers, MIP

U13 Track & Field

Hiram Chen, MVP
Andy Meng, MIP

U14 Track & Field

Nathaniel Bannister, MVP
Zain Salman, MIP

Midget Track & Field

Benjamin Goring, MVP
Jake McMillan, MIP

Jr. Track & Field

Luke Burleigh/Cole Nip
Luke Burleigh/Cole Nip

Sr. Track & Field

Graham Cassar, MVP
Osher Lee, MIP

Jr. Golf

Chris Yi, MVP
Francisco Pasquel Vega, MIP

Sr. Golf

William McHenry, MVP
Amr Shaikh, MIP

1st Cricket

Mikey Bahen, MVP
Ben van Eeden, MIP

U14 Lacrosse

Cameron Veisman, MVP
Vincent Virgilio, MIP

JV Lacrosse

Zachary Kolm, MVP
Liam Taylor, MIP

1st Lacrosse

Jason Knox, MVP
Isaac Boer-Hersh, MIP

U12 Softball

Nicholas Ferrante, MVP
James McNair, MIP

U14 Softball

Spencer Thomson, MVP
Jack Beswick, MIP

1st Baseball

Tyler Black, MVP
Tristan Hicks, MIP

U14 Rugby

Aiden Van der Weg, MVP
Logan Noccey, MIP

U16 Rugby

Brendan Dilworth, MVP
Christopher Marton, MIP

1st Rugby

Ian Maclean, MVP
Gabe Wallace, MIP

Mark Oliver Award

Matthew Hollett
Athletic “A” awards handed out
St. Andrew’s also honours its elite graduating student-athletes with an Athletic “A” award. The “A” is achieved by accumulating athletic points in the final two years of school.

10 points are awarded for each qualifying first team of which a boy is a full-time member. Additional points are awarded as follows:
5 points for a 1st team captain
5 points for a 1st team MVP
3 points for a 1st team MIP

A total of 60 points is required to earn an “A” and the following students reached this milestone in 2018:

Parker Boland
Austin Brett
Dara Goharchi
Matthew Hollett
John Hopkinson
Kris Jansen
Wells Karabin
Jason Knox
Thomas Kook
Michael Kurp
Hale Lee
Dalton Lehman
Ian Maclean
Lachlan MacLean
Will McHenry
Amar Patel
Anthony Pennino
Yiannis Spetsakis
Luke St. John
Darren Wong
Warren Zhang

The Athlete of the Year will be announced on Prize Day, Friday, June 15.
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